Based on some of the conversations that have already happened on the website, we decided it would be best to let all of you know how we will be handling discussions about Audrey and transgender people in general.

Audrey is a female. Audrey has properly been cast by CBS/Production as a female. As such, we expect all of you to address her as female (she/her). If you are not accepting of this topic, we ask that you address Audrey by her name (the name CBS has listed for her) for the remainder of the summer in any discussions on our website. Refusing to do so will result in warnings or bans. We expect everyone to be mature and respectful in their discussion of Audrey.

  • "It" will not be allowed at all. In no way is this anything but a malicious attempt to slight Audrey and/or get a rise out of other members on the forum.
  • "He/Him" is not acceptable. Again, Audrey is a woman and you should respect that by referring to her as she/her.
  • "Tranny" is not acceptable. Audrey is a transgender woman and the first transgender houseguest. If you must post a topic in regards to her being a transgender person, please use the proper terms.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this is not a website to discuss your views on race, religion, sex, politics, etc. We are happy to facilitate such conversations when they relate to Big Brother and Big Brother 17, but once it derails we will shut it down. This forum is a place for us to enjoy Big Brother. Enjoy the show, enjoy the community, and don't ruin it for others. Trolling, flaming, etc will be dealt with accordingly.

We do not expect everyone to be well versed on the transgender community, but we ask you to

  • Be respectful of the transgender community
  • Be respectful of the rules we are implementing
  • Be open minded and willing to learn about the transgender community

The forum has a report function, please do not hesitate to use it if you notice something malicious or hateful. Staff members will gladly address the issue. If you see something please:

  • Use the report function instead of posting a reply. Too many threads derail when people argue over views.
  • If you are compelled to reply, reply respectfully and try and educate the person on why their comment is either offensive or not politically correct.
  • Remember that just because there is some negativity towards Audrey, it does not mean it is due to her being a transgender woman. These people are under a microscope 24/7.

Any questions or comments can be directed to staff via PM

This information can also be found in the stickied thread PSA: Transgender Discussions on RealityBBQ

Updated: 6/23