• Five Things You Need to Know Day 30 [10/27]

    Day 30 [10/27]

    1. Alex's Concern.
      • Alex is worried that she will be evicted this week, but Scott assured her that she will likely have the votes to stay unless she is nominated next to Morgan.
    2. No More America.
      • Jason is hoping that America's nominee is done for the season so that his side of the house can finally catch a break.
    3. Win Veto.
      • Jason told the Late Night Crew that their only chance this week is to win the veto and ensure that only Danielle's nominees will face eviction.
    4. Questioning Loyalty.
      • Danielle and Jason discussed whether America or Justin was the person to evict Neeley last night.
    5. Lay Low.
      • Alex told Morgan to continue laying low since Morgan does not seem to be on anyone's radar.