• Five Things You Need to Know Day 31 [10/28]

      Day 31 [10/28]

      1. Three Votes.
        • Shelby received America's Care Package and has the power to eliminate three eviction votes on Wednesday.
      2. Realization.
        • Jason, Danielle, and Justin discussed how America must dislike them because the Ball Smashers keep getting Care Packages and avoiding nominations.
      3. Unlikely Three.
        • Alex checked in with Jason and let him know that she still wants to work with Jason and Justin. Alex promised that she will not be targeting either of them.
      4. Pulling Strings.
        • Jason told Alex that he could keep Danielle from nominated her (Alex) and Scott.
      5. Protection.
        • Alex told Morgan that she is going to try and keep her off the block, but she must look out for herself first.



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