We all are well aware of the editing that goes on and how it affects our perception of the game. I did not like Ben after reading his bio and watching his video. I think Jeffs cast assesment video is a better look at the cast than just watching the show. There is also a clip called "Ben's over confidence" that is quite telling. I check back for sneak peaks and new clips about twice a week. They want the audience to have that feeling of suspense so they do not show a lot of the footage that gets a person sent home. They want everyone to believe it could be any of 2 or 3 people going home right up until the votes are read. If they would have shown us everything between Ben and Marissa, we would have known she would go home. What is the fun in that? We see what they want us to see and we believe what they show us to be a clear pisture of what is happening at the camps. That is what keeps it exciting and keeps us guessing.