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Thread: Remaining Episode Discussion

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    The right man won, good for Philip for not taking any shit during final tribal, and that old bitch on the jury is a Major C.
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    Rob showed them how the game is to be played and deserved to win 9-0

    I agree Goldie; Phillip stood his ground and i gave him credit for not kissing ass or taking shit (granted that might have given him another vote) but.......i'm glad with how this season ended
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    It's too bad the crazy old ginger farmer threw his vote at Phillip. Rob deserved a unanimous win. Regardless, he's still going to enjoy yet another million for the family. As annoyed and sick of the Romber I have been over the years, I have always liked Rob way better than Amber and I'm glad he finally won what the bitter jury in All-Stars gave to his undeserving wife.

    Phillip was a major freak all year, but what really annoyed me about him was the Probst pimping. I don't think 15 minutes of the reunion was needed to "prove" he was a special agent. Pretty sure we all know CBS wouldn't have said he was if he wasn't. Also, it took about five minutes of googling on my part to prove he wasn't lying...would have liked the rest of the contestants to at least get a mention. Also, Phillip showed total good form in the end. Would I hang with him? No. But he was classy at the end.

    I give Russell props for shaking Rob's hand, but I will never call that classy. Regardless of what he said, I hope CBS burns his phone number. If not for the fact that he's an evil troll, then maybe for the fact that he totally spoiled two seasons.

    The classy vote for me goes to David. Seriously, that's the most awesome, honest, non-self serving final tribal speech I've ever heard. Glad he's engaged, but I totally don't remember his fiancee. I also thought she was going to say no...there were some awkward moments there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    and that old bitch on the jury is a Major C.
    OMG yes, she was the "I'm so pissed I didn't win, I'm going to take it out on everyone" chick. Even though she never would have won. So out of line telling Natalie how she wasn't raised properly and telling Rob how to raise his daughters. Um...pot, kettle much? How proud are your children after watching that speech?

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    Argh! Fast CGI Error erased my post. Not like I have anything important to say... BUT. I became a huge Rob fan when the girls failed to take him out. Rob played perfectly and deserved to win. The other vote was personal. (boo!)

    Curious to see how his perfect play might effect future games.
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