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    Default Kaitlyn and Jeremy's last night together

    Before anyone says anything, I know anything can happen and the votes are not in yet and Jeremy could pull a rabbit out of his arse...or Elissa's hat out of his arse and end up staying in the house.

    However, with that said, I do believe and odds are dictating that Jeremy will walk out the door tomorrow night. If this is the case, then tonight will be the last night that Jeremy and Kaitlyn spend together in the Big Brother house.

    So, what kind of fireworks are we expecting tonight from these two?

    Or do we really care?

    Of course we do or none of us would be here muahahahaha.

    What say you good people of this forum.

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    Jeremy is the kind of HG that the producers like, so it's always possible they could sequester him and bring him back. If Helen succeeds in her Mother Love, no drama, we can all be friends, it would be boring TV, Julies' exit interview with J will be revealing

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    Earlier in the week Helen was saying she was going to offer them her HOH room for one last night together. Jeremy said he wouldn't pass up that offer, but I haven't heard much about it today so who knows. I expect one last more romp and one more last time to stain the sheets and spread some more ring worm in the house.
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    ring worm shows up really really well when you use black/uv lights. BB should give all the HG a bunch of black light wands to play with and tell them to turn off all the lights in the house and start playing with the wands.

    and then watch J and K glow in the dark with all their ring worm patches.....I guess it would depend on where the worms are located on their bodies and how much/little clothing they were wearing at the time.

    Did kaitlyn not apologize earlier in the week for scratching her itchy cooch in front of someone? Maybe the ringworm has migrated lololol.

    They're all dirty birds. All of'em.

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    I think that Jeremy may just have an ace up his sleave. Here's hoping Aaryn goes on a racist rant tomorrow night or Spencer threatning to go after Helent or better yet a twist that gives Jeremy the Coup D'Etat. Or Better yet, someone else gets expelled.
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    Don't fret about not seeing Kaitlin's ass tonight. You'll see a lot more of her i the upcoming months. When her modelling prospects finally dry up, she'll either be doing a porno in San Fernando Valley or fluffing someone there. You haven't seen the last of America's Sweetheart's ass.

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    The two just did "something" in the bed. Don't know if they are done for the season.
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    He's probably banging her in the butt so he doesn't send his tribe into her wigwam.

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    Would Jeremy pay child support? I wonder...

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