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Thread: Brent Slater Interview 7/30/13

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    Default Brent Slater Interview 7/30/13

    Talk about how they met and the game.
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    Poor sap seems like a nice fellah. There is no way that gold-digger likes Regina; it is pretty much uninhabitable in the winter.

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    Thanks for posting the interview, NS!

    Aw, he seems like a really nice dude. When I first read his name, I was all - Seriously? Brent Slater doesn't even sound like a real name! Kind of like "Max Power."

    The anchor was hilarious. Way to fuck up Elissa's name! And nice job of needing 10 tries to successfully state that Elissa's an American! That was mean. I take it back!

    Is this the same guy that Jeremy constantly accused of driving a "Lodus?" He doesn't strike me as a Lotus dude, but what do I know!

    I like how he vaguely answered the question about meeting Elissa. Okay, they met through Rachel. How does he know Rachel? Hm. Weird.

    He seems very normal and nice. I hope their kids are okay with Elissa being on the show and all. The aired episodes are nothing like AD, but I imagine it doesn't feel great to see Elissa called a Femme Bot Bitch and junk on TV.
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