HELLO! My name is Jordan and I am the series founder of the online game Powerhouse! We are looking for 16 unique individuals to play in our 3rd season!

Season 1 ran 43 days and season 2 ran 60! You meet people from all around the world!

To play you need a computer, skype account, microphone and webcam!

Our season boards are

SEASON 1 - www.powerhouse01.proboards.com
SEASON 2 - www.ndimforums.com/powerhouse02
SEASON 3 - www.ndimforums.com/powerhouse03

OUR FACEBOOK GROUP IS - www.facebook.com/groups/PowerhouseORG

APPLICATION LINK - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...enxIA/viewform

If interested, apply today or contact me on skype @ XavierR83