There are certain times in life when one must suck up the fecal matter dished to them all day while working. Too many worthless fucks, that don't know half of what they should know, telling you to get their shit done as if it's your job to please them, just because they happen to be married to the spawn of the boss. Everything is in a hurry. Everything has unrealistic expectations. And they leave after, exactly 8 hours on the clock while you end up selling a couple more hours of your life just because you actually give a shit.

Then there's a certain satisfaction one gets while zooming through the universe at 70MPH faster than the rotation of the earth and seeing some other entitlist asshole attempt to pass on the right side after riding your ass for the last half mile. And further satisfaction in acting like some drunken schmoe every time they get close to passing, by drifting into their lane. But the ultimate satisfaction is when you see the right lane ending, knowing this moron is going to have to pull back behind you and suck your exhaust for a bit.

The ultimate satisfaction is the look on their face as they pull next to you to see nothing more than a middle finger greeting their gaze as you follow the lane to your intended exit.

Yes, the universe fucked you today but, in an odd twist of normalization, you fucked someone else for a short bit. It's best when they totally deserve it.