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Thread: Some good thoughts on last nights RHAPs podcast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jooleslv View Post
    It's odd...I never liked a 'certain group'. I was rooting for certain players. I liked Alex, Morgan and Shelby. Alex because she was a gamer, Shelby because of her intelligence and attitude. Yes she was rough around the edges, but she just had something about her I liked, and Morgan because she was genteel and very sweet.

    There were moments I liked Justin and in the beginning, before he got so involved with Dani I liked Shane.

    I didn't vote for either returnee, because frankly I found both Jozea and Jason distasteful. I didn't like Jason on his season and Jozea was to wacked out and delusional for me.
    At the start I liked Shelby, Alex, Justin, Neeley, Danielle, Shane, Monte.

    Neeley then started acting entitled, started to not like her.
    Danielle played the victim card a lot, and Shane turned on my favorite. Lost interest in them.
    Justin was boring by Day 5. His uniqueness ran its course very fast.

    So it just so happened that all the people I liked, were on one side of the house. By week 2, I did not like anyone in Jasons alliance, so the season became very polarizing for me.

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    OMG! After reading RHAP I am glad that I only kept up with BBOTT in here. Watching the Summer show takes up a lot of time so I didn't want to become that involved on this one. Sad to see how bad it was.


    Very well said. ITA with what you said regarding Jason. I really didn't care for him the first time so sure I would have not liked him this time. Sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jooleslv View Post
    I've been wondering for the past few days if this is an age issue.

    I'm on the older side. When I was in my twenties (years and years ago) I remember pushing the envelope wherever and whenever I could. I have to admit that most of what I did in my twenties came back to bite me, especially in my work life. Because of foot-in-mouth syndrome I got a reputation of being a loud mouth and hard ass (I had to get the job done and did everything in power, no matter what the cost). I learned from those days how to keep my mouth shut and to think before I speak.

    Are the people that are so anti-Jason on the older, more mature side, whereas the pro-Jason lovers, the late teens/early twenties? They haven't put their feet in the water yet and don't fully understand the ramifications of the things he said (and continues to say).

    One other thing....

    People have likened Jason to Evil Dick - but for as bad as Dick was he never threatened to burn someone's house down...and if Jason honestly believes that was his dry/sick sense of humor he is sorely mistaken. There was absolutely no humor in his tonality when he said he wanted to defecate in Shelby's mouth. Normally when people have a dry/sick sense of humor they always follow it up with a sick laugh or an "I'm just kidding" statement. Jason point blankly statement how much he hated Shelby (and other HG's) and the things he wanted to do to them.
    I'm 23 and I can't stand Jason and the way he acts

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